Espier Browser 1.0.2

Espier Browser bring you unique user experience exceed iPhone safari browser
– Original visual bookmarks / Web Application Manager
– Original two fingers gestures to create/close/switch web pages
– Original quick category search
– Original coverflow multi-window interface
– Original one-click bookmark customize
– Original phone bookmarks
Unique operating experience
– Swipe two fingers across the screen, downward to open a new web page, while upward to close the current web page, leftward or rightward to among the opened web pages
– Fill a phone number when adding bookmark, then you can dial the phone number by click the phone icon located at the upper right corner of the web page.
– Search interface, click on the switch icon at the right side of the input field to quickly select a search engine
– Close the web page by rubbing up thumbnail in the coverflow multi-window interface
– Visit “Mobile website navigation”(, add all bookmarks of category you favor with one click
– Press and hold any icon until all icons begin to vibrate to entering edit mode, then drag the icon that you wish to move for position adjustment;
– In editing mode, drag and overlap any icon to create a new folder;
– In editing mode, press and hold an icon , then filp around the phone will help to switch the icon to another screen

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