SomNote 1.0.5

Instantly jot down and save all your ideas, tasks, and memories.

★SomNote – “Note SomThing” ★

SomNote is a FREE simple and easy-to-use note taking App that you can instantly jot down and save all your ideas, tasks, (important info, list) and memories and will always be with you like your own shadow cloud.
SomNote is designed to its simplicity yet powerful acquiring only the features for note taking at your home, work or on the go.

★ Key benefits
☆ Note everything and keep them in one place: SomNote supports for iPhone, Android and web
☆ Anywhere accessibility across all your devices from mobile to any web with SomCloud synchronization
☆ Log in free, draw back your hassle in registering as a member
☆ Offline access for anytime note usage

★ Key features

☆ The Look: A gorgeous user interface offering eye candy for your everyday note taking
☆ Work effective: Organize your thoughts to customized folders and with supported diverse view mode
☆ Can’t just have words in your book: Attach any files, documents, photos to your notes up to 100mb
☆ Share with friends: save your notes and send via facebook, twitter, and email
☆ Cost?: So demanding with all the features you need for a note and its FREE
☆ Manage: create and edit your notes and update them mutually as your thoughts are updated
☆ Safety is everything: Pin protection applicable to lock your SomNote app
☆ Go green! Recycle: Find, restore your lost or old notes from the recycle bin
☆ History tab: work off your previous notes saved by time, date
☆ Timing: Keyword search to quickly find notes from your list, notes completely searchable
☆ Print tab: You can print your note directly in SomNote

★ Widgets! Only for Android

☆ Note Quickly! – Shortcut for new note
☆ If you have any note to check up frequently?! – Shortcut to specific note
☆ Directly check your note list from home screen! – List type widget
☆ Place widget with style! – Stack widget

★ Additional features

☆ import, export, to and from to other Apps
☆ clickable links: web/email address/phone number
☆ Cut,copy and paste note taking
☆ Move drag arrange notes in ascending order
☆ manage notes with Drag & Drop
☆ Email notes from the app
☆ send links via SMS text message


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