Gun Disassembly 2 4.7

Explore the world of weaponry like never before! Disassemble and reassemble 51 highly-detailed models with fully working animated parts! View the gun in complete 3D, and learn about the inner workings of the guns. Operate the weapons in OPERATION mode and try out your skills by disassembling the weapons as fast as possible, competing with players AROUND THE WORLD!

With fast and responsive 3D graphics, you can discover the parts of the guns from the gears and bullets to the barrel and chamber! Attach scopes, silencers, and various parts to enhance the shooting experience!

– 53 highly detailed models, all in FULL 3D and high-definition retina graphics
– 4062 parts total
– Explore more than 3000 parts, each with complete sound effects and dynamic lighting
– Interact with the guns in OPERATE mode, with four levels of X-Ray and two levels of slow motion
– Enjoy five game modes: Demo, Operation, Disassembly, Assembly, and Game
– Extensive collection of models available via in-app purchase
– Stay up-to-date with new models released periodically,

Available models:

Pistols: Glock 19, CZ75, Colt 1911, SIG P228, Beretta 92FS, Desert Eagle .44, S&W Sigma, Springfield XDM, Browning Hi-Power, Ruger Mark II

SMG/Assault Pistols: MP5, Tec-9, Uzi, HK UMP

Revolvers: Colt Python, S&W Model 53, Colt SAA, Ruger New Vaquero

Historical: Colt Hammer, Mauser C96, Borchard C93, Maxim, Harpers Ferry

WWII: Tokarev Pistol, Luger P08, MP40, Sten MK II, M1 Garand, Thompson Gun, Mauser 98K, PPSH

Assault rifles: AK47, SIG SG552 commando, LR 300ML, HK G36E, FN FAL, FAMAS-F1, M16, Steyr AUG

Rifles: SIG SG550S, SVD, HK SL9SD

Machine gun: M60, M134D ‘Minigun’, Browning 1919

Compact Guns: Ruger LCP, Derringer, COP 357, AMT Backup, Ruger LCR

Shotguns: Remington 870, Mossberg 500

Rocket Launchers: RPG-7



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